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The courses and information on this site are borne of the need for engaging, professional, and cost-effective personal and management training tools.

Our focus

Our focus is on developing comprehensive, professional mental health and organizational development products, services and information.

Our history

UCounsel was incorporated in Vancouver, BC, in April 1999, after two years of planning by Dr. Robert F. Wilson, the company's founder and CEO.

From its inception, the company has focused on developing a computer infrastructure and content, as well as fostering key strategic relationships.

Our courses

UCounsel's courses offer multi-session learning modules and are based on empirically supported techniques.

Each course provides interactive, web-based instruction which includes assessments, information and homework assignments.

We are developing courses in online counseling, online appraisal management, online continuing education for attorneys and other topics.

We are developing online high school courses in drivers education and other topics.

Technical requirements

Our courses are optimized for delivery over 56K and faster connections, with two required plug-ins: Flash and Adobe Acrobat.

Registration procedure

For registration procedures, inquire here.

More information

For more information, contact us.

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